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32 x 40 x 36 inches

Vermont marble

For Sale 

price upon request -


“Satori” was carved from an 1100-pound block of Vermont marble over a year. The sculpture’s design reflects the spiritual vision that has guided my art and my artistic process over the past two decades. Most of my work is created after a period of deep meditation and through a process of giving over to the “first stroke” to determine what form the sculpture will take. This statue perhaps most embodies this process, in that it depicts the sudden enlightenment that arises from psychological detachment. Possessed of both a man and a Buddhist “angel,” the work strives to transcend the boundaries of east and west to form a complete vision of what a moment of “satori” might look like in concrete form. Meant to inspire others, the work attempts to feed this spiritual moment at the fingertips of each of us.


“Satori” is currently on display at the Armory Center for the Arts in Somerville, Massachusetts.

Armory Satori.jpg

*Unique and one of a kind stone sculpture created by artist Scott Cahaly. Discover and support original artwork!

         Scott Cahaly

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