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“New Nazca Stone”

56 x 36 x 26 inches

Vermont marble

Price upon request!

“New Nazca Stone” was hand-carved from a 5,000-pound block of Vermont marble over a period of three years. The sculpture’s form was originally conceived of in a dream, and reflects my early artistic influences from Picasso, Michelangelo, and Pre-Columbian art. I see the finished form as a protector from another dimension, a female sentinel of the “mysteries.” The statue depicts an elegantly poised woman with a tilted head and a long cascade of serpentine curls, and a mass of disembodied limbs sharply divided by one deep, v-shaped valley. In a nod to the most enigmatic of the Nazca geoglyphs of the southwestern plains of Peru—a humanoid shape with two over-sized hands, one five-fingered and the other inexplicably four-fingered—the sculpture similarly has exaggerated limbs, with one five-fingered arm anchoring the base, and another four-fingered arm extending across the front.

         Scott Cahaly

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